Prenatal and Postpartum Services

Pre and Post-natal massage

Massage for the childbearing year is valuable way to prevent and relieve many of the common discomforts of pregnancy, such as low back and hip pain, neck and shoulder pain, swelling in the feet and hands, and more. During the post-partum period the mother’s body continues a dramatic process of change, and massage therapy can help her restore balance after birth. Delete: In addition to hands on work, there are many self care techniques available for those who wish. I am certified in pre and peri-natal massage.

Pre-and post-natal yoga

Come and connect with yourself, your baby, and an amazing community of women! Pre-and post-natal yoga are ideal for remaining centered throughout the childbearing year. In this class, we focus on increasing strength and flexibility of your body, mind, and spirit in order to facilitate your ability to birth with ease and meet the demands of motherhood. Classes are designed with a mixed level of students in mind and with great respect for pregnant and new moms’ fluctuating energy levels! This is an Anusara Yoga inspired class and incorporates the joy, playfulness, and precision of this style. Babies are welcome with you, and there is a play space for older kids adjacent to the teaching area. Private lessons available.

Location: Kula Cooperative, 17 Cnter Ctreet, Downtown Rutland, VT

Schedule: Call to schedule private or small group lessons

Birth Preparation

A birth assistant can help expecting parents to formulate what is important to them, provide practical suggestions and hands-on help for working with contractions and pain during labor, as well as help the mother’s partner/spouse participate more fully in the experience. There is greater maternal satisfaction among women who choose to have a birth assistant. My goal is to help facilitate a positive birth experience. I encourage informed choices, and support the decisions of the mother. I am an A.L.A.C.E trained Birth Assistant. GROUP CLASSES COMING SOON!

Postpartum Support

You may find that you need additional support in the weeks or months following the birth of your baby. A post-partum doula can help you with:


Infant care

Bathing your baby

General tasks related to the baby's care

Someone who understands the ups and downs after birth

Call with any questions about what a postpartum doula can help you with. 802-236-2710.